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The Group

UNISIM is a research group created in 1996, focused in studies related to Numerical Simulation and Management of Petroleum Reservoirs. The group is attached to the Petroleum Engineering division of the Department of Energy of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at UNICAMP, and has the support of the Center for Petroleum Studies (CEPETRO).


The primary missions of UNISIM are teaching and research into numerical simulation and management of oil and gas reservoirs.


The main objectives of the group are to:
  • Increase the reliability of the studies and methodologies that use numerical reservoir simulation;
  • Improve the process of decision making in the exploration and production of oil and gas;
  • Develop techniques to enhance the efficiency of the researches through the management of multiple simulations runs;
  • Integrate reservoir simulation with reservoir engineering, geoscience, production engineering and economy;
  • Develop research in subjects related to the necessity of the E&P industry.