Base model : Porosity map (layer 1) including history wells locations (t1)
Base model : Porosity map (layer 1) including history wells locations (t1)

UNISIM-I-D: Case Study for Selection of Production Strategy

The case study was organized by Gaspar, A.T., Maschio, C., Santos, A.A., Avansi, G.D., Filho, J.H. and Schiozer, D.J. (2013).
The comparative study should consider deterministic and probabilistic approaches.


Section with updated information and questions : uiq


Gaspar, A.T.F.S., Santos, A.A.S., Avansi, G.D., Hohendorff Filho, J. C.V., Schiozer, D.J., “UNISIM-I-D: Benchmark Studies of Oil Field Development Strategy Selection”. International Journal of Modeling and Simulation for the Petroleum Industry, v.9, pp. 47-55, April 2015, Brazil.

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