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UNISIM is a research group affiliated to the Center for Petroleum Studies (CEPETRO) and the School of Mechanical Engineering (Department of Energy – Petroleum Division) at UNICAMP. Our main objectives are:

  • Improve the E&P decision-making process.
  • Provide high-quality education in numerical simulation and management of oil and gas reservoirs.
  • Improve the reliability in the studies of oil and gas reservoirs.
  • Develop techniques to increase the efficiency of the studies through the management of multiple simulation runs.
  • Promote the integration with other E&P areas: Geosciences, Production Engineering and Economic Evaluation.

UNISIM has developed research on the study of techniques of construction of simulators, reservoir development and management, use of the simulator for reservoir characterization, task automation which use simulators, and the utilization of distributed parallel computing techniques applied to the previous processes.

The main research activities are: