Base model : Permeability map (layer 1) including history wells locations (t1)

UNISIM-II-H: Case Study for Uncertainty Reduction

The case study was organized by Maschio, C., Correia, M., Santos, A.A., Filho, J.H., and Schiozer, D.J. (2017).

Details can be seen in "UNISIM-II-H.pdf".


Section with uiq : Updated Information and Questions - UNISIM-II

Source files
study description UNISIM-II-H.pdf 28-SEP-2018 new
datasets - base model (IMEX) 17-DEC-2019 update
datasets - petrophysical uncertainties 28-SEP-2018 new
datasets - history data th 28-SEP-2018 new