uiq : Updated Information and Questions - UNISIM-I-D

List of information, files and modifications


  • UNISIM-I-AD: study description: UNISIM-I-AD.pdf (in Portuguese)


  • dataset - deterministic: UNISIM-I-AD-deterministic.zip


  • dataset - uncertainties: UNISIM-I-AD-uncertainties.zip

  • dataset - history data t1: UNISIM-I-AD-HistoryData-t1.zip


  • dataset - history data t1: UNISIM-I-AD-HistoryData-t1.zip (updated)

    • history data of NA3D updated; originally the well was producing from the aquifer.

    • observe that due to random errors (noise of data) some values are above well restrictions (2000 m3/d)

observe that in the data file (UNISIM-I-AD.dat) the value of the maximum rate (3000 m3/d) was set before the operational restrictions. They were set to the problem up to t1 so that they need to be treated after this period).

  • without correction completions done for the deterministic case.
  • UNISIM-I-AD: study description: UNISIM-I-AD.pdf (in English)

    • appendix-1 - support well completions up to t1
  • dataset - UNISIM-I-AD-probabilistic.dat: new data file for the probabilistic case


  • Additional cash flow information was included. Such information might assist the user in interpreting item 2.2 of UNISIM-I-AD.pdf file.



  • Additional Information about Production System Integration was included. Such information might assist the users who want to consider production systems in their studies of UNISIM-I-D.
  • UNISIM-I-AD renamed to UNISIM-I-D


  • UNISIM-I-D.pdf (updated)
  • Annex-A_AdditionalInformation_CF.pdf (updated)



  • The following information were included:
  • probability of economic uncertainties: (25%, 50%, 25%);

  • probability of operational uncertainties: (33%, 34%, 33%)


  • dataset - deterministic (ECLIPSE): UNISIM-I-D-deterministic-ECLIPSE.zip



  • UNISIM-I-D.pdf:

    • updated Information regarding processing capacities (CPl equal CPo)



  • Annex-B_AdditionalInformation_ProductionSystem.pdf:

    • Data regarding investments on drilling, completion, recompletion and conversion of horizontal and vertical wells for production column 5 1/2" were added.