Permeability 3D view of UNISIM-IV
Permeability 3D view of UNISIM-IV

UNISIM-IV: Overview

UNISIM-IV is an open-source benchmark with geological and operational characteristics of Brazilian pre-salt fields, consisting of a light-oil carbonate reservoir with high CO2 content.

The benchmark is divided into four different cases (UNISIM-IV-2019, UNISIM-IV-2022, UNISIM-IV-2024, and UNISIM-IV-2026). The differences relate mainly to the stage of the field’s life cycle and period of production history.

The provided data include: (1) a set of prior uncertainties for probabilistic studies, (2) production, injection, and history data, and (3) a simulation model suggested as a base case or in nominal approaches.

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UNISIM-IV Publications


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